The Ugly Truth

The USA’s third largest city. We are the home of the deep dish pizza, the Willis (we still call it the Sears) Tower & the 41st President of the United States.  Here, the living legend marked by the number 23 took the basketball world by storm in the 90s then created the most popular sneakers ever to be produced. It’s one of the only cities where the weather can go from 95 degrees and sunny to 15 below and snowing within 24 hours.  The lakefront provides a cooling breeze in the summer and a bone-aching windchill in the winter.  We only have two seasons.


No matter how much beauty and love you find in this city, here is another fact that has held true for more than a decade:

We are one of the cities leading the country in gun violence, and more specifically, fatal shootings.

#TheTakeBack needs you!

Chicago children of gun violence, in their own words

As of July 16, 2016*

July to Date
Shot & Killed: 21
Shot & Wounded: 156
Total Shot: 177
Total Homicides: 24

Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 319
Shot & Wounded: 1,829
Total Shot: 2,148
Total Homicides: 355

The Murder Rate has increased more than 72% as of April; the Shootings Rate has increased more than 88%. In 2015, Chicago reported 2, 988 shooting victims for the year. In 2016, Jan 1 – May 23rd claimed 1, 382 victims…. and the summer has just begun.